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Choices for Medicare-eligible individuals
currently in a group health plan

Since 1997, our independent agents have been dedicated to serving and empowering Medicare eligible beneficiaries by educating them on all Medicare plan options available. Let us simplify the transition from an employer sponsored coverage to a Medicare plan.

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Benefits and Features

Potential Savings & Increased Benefits

Maximizing Your Needs and Budget

Our licensed agents represent many plans from most major Medicare Advantage & Medicare Supplement Insurance plan companies. This gives beneficiaries the power to compare and the freedom to choose a Medicare plan that works best for them.

No Cost Benefit Review (Annual)

Our licensed, trained and certified independent agents represent most major Medicare Advantage & Supplement plans. We are here to help your employees understand all of their Medicare options at NO COST.

Medicare Enrollment Assistance

AGA Medicare Options has over 4,000 experienced agents across the U.S., making it easy to find a knowledgeable, nearby agent to fully inform you on all local Medicare plan options.
Support For Your Staff

Support For Your Staff

Ease the burden on your staff by allowing us to provide Medicare plan support for your employees.

As an employer, is your HR department qualified & trained
to answer these questions?

Do I need to sign up for Medicare when I’m still working?

Can my employer pay my Medicare Part B premium, Medicare and Employer coverage?

Do I need Medicare Part B if I have other insurance?

I plan on retiring soon. I have health care coverage now through my employer. What will happen to that coverage when I retire?

What happens when I become eligible for Medicare due to disability?

Why do I need Medicare, when I will have access to COBRA?

Will my family be covered on my Medicare plan?

WE ARE! Contact us to schedule a no cost benefit review.