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We understand the ironic position of a fixed income and increased medical expenses. This is why we take our job of maximizing your retirement dollars seriously. We provide Medicare plan options so you can have every opportunity to maximize your needs and budget. Our independent agents will guide you through your choices and review many top Medicare carriers and plans for you, free of charge!

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Why work with AGA Life and Health
for your Medicare Coverage needs?

  • One-on-one appointments
  • Explanation of benefits, time frames, and enrollment periods
  • Assuring that your plan covers your medications at the lowest cost
  • Finding Medicare plan options that are accepted by your physicians
  • Finding plans that are accepted by the hospital of your choice and so much more
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Independent Agents

With our experience and knowledgeable approach, we are able to put your needs above the “sale”.
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The “Other Guys”

They want you to enroll in one of their plans, no matter if it’s the most suitable coverage option

As a reputable Supplemental Insurance Agency, we provide you with the Power to Compare & the Freedom to Choose!

Medicare can be confusing and plans change yearly. That’s enough to get anyone’s blood pressure going. This is why we hold steadfast to our goal: to walk alongside you and simplify the process.

No Cost Benefit Review (Annual)

Determine Eligibility

Whether you are just turning 65, are looking to gain access to early benefits, or need to delay Medicare enrollment, your dedicated Licensed Independent Agent will review all the pros and cons.

Medicare Enrollment Assistance

Assess Your Needs

When it comes to evaluating Medicare plans, it’s important to consider what medications you will need covered, the doctors and specialists that will be available to you, and of course, the all-important budget.

Support For Your Staff

Make a Recommendation

Our Licensed Independent Agents have undergone hundreds of hours of training. They will review Medicare options with you, and advise on a plan that fits your unique situation and budget.

Want to save money on your healthcare costs, but concerned about which of your doctors would be covered in a Medicare Advantage plan? Get a free, no-obligation consultation today.

Start Saving Now

Here’s what you can expect from our agents

Trustworthiness, with over 80 hours of yearly training from top Medicare carriers.

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Free annual reviews of your current plan.

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No-pressure recommendations on all Medicare options, not just one or two.

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Access to agents all year long, not just during Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).

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No broker fees.

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Timely communication on Medicare and carrier changes.